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Bulk SMS Service is being highly and reliably used by a large number of organisations. Many small organisations or institutions have been set up to provide this service widely. Bulk sms has its own advantages which has made it so popular in recent days. Majority of the corporation, industries and enterprises use this on a daily basis. Of all the messages received, 98% is being opened and read in a time span of 5 seconds, assuring the senders that majority of the people has seen your messages, in the domain of advertisement and marketing. With a virtual zero lead time in bulk sms marketing, campaigns can be conceived of and delivered and read within minutes making it fast, flexible and adaptable to the ever changing marketing conditions. Unlike newspaper and television commercials which are high cost prohibitive, bulk sms, requires, minimum cost to set up and function with an average costing of 30 bucks for 1000 targeted people in the global media platform. One of the major advantages of using bulk sms is personalisation. The sender can personalise or customise the messages that are being sent according to their needs, people being targeted, area, domain or any other factors involved.

Different Use of Bulk SMS Service:

☑ Advertising a Product or Service

☑Broadcasting Information

☑Promotional offers & Discount coupons

☑Health Check-up Reminder

☑ Car Service Reminder

☑Payment and Order Confirmation

☑ Political Promotion Service

☑ DND Bulk SMS Services

☑ Promo DND Bulk SMS Service

☑ Transactional Bulk SMS Service

☑ School Management sms

☑ Billing Software SMS Api

☑ Bulk SMS Api

☑ Bulk SMS Panel

☑ Stock Market Bulk SMS

☑ Real Estate Service

☑ Property Promotion Service

☑ Saloon Spa SMS

☑ DND Delivery SMS

☑ Bulk SMS Service As API Integration

☑ Two Way Bulk sms

☑ Sending Invitations

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